One of the best packaged mixes out there. This gluten-free angel cake lives up to its name. It’s divinely angelic and the taste and texture is just heavenly. It’s so moist. Oh my Ghad, it’s so good! It tastes just like the real thing. The best part is that you just can’t beat the price. It’s an Aldi LiveGFree brand. The only thing that surprised me was how many eggs you need. You need a dozen eggs to complete this recipe.¬† You will also need a bundt cake pan and cooling rack if you don’t already have one. After you taste this cake you are going to want to make this again and again. If I can offer a tip when making the cake. Be sure to properly grease your bundt tin before pouring the mixture.¬†Unfortunately, my Aldi does not seem to stock this particular mix year round. It seems like a seasonal or very random thing. So, when I see the mix in the store I tend to stock up. This is not a bad practice as long as you familiarize yourself with expiration dates. I’ll have to research some online sources to see if I can find it other places. I’ll keep you informed.

I would suggest placing the cake into a seal-able plastic container to retain the cakes moisture. I like topping my cake off by drizzling a fresh strawberry glaze.

LiveGFree Angel Food Cake
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