Curate bars – I give them a pretty positive score overall. Lots to choose from.  Since we’ve rated them as a group they scored pretty high.  Overall it came down to personal preference. If you are a chocolate person, you are going to like the chocolate options. If you are a savory person, you will like the pistachio and strawberry bars. The least favorite out of the bunch was the chocolate hazelnut kind.  Some bars contain flax seed, hemp seeds, or chia seeds which are a good source of fiber.  Most gluten intolerant people end up missing some of their daily fiber and this is a good way to make sure you get it. Better yet, most of the bars contain quinoa, which is a great source of protein. Be sure to try them out for yourself and let me know what you think!

Curate Bars
Taste 80%
Texture 80%
Clearly Labeled35%
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71%Overall Score
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