So, these Mission gluten-free soft tacos are the bomb! I’ve been waiting for a wrap that really tasted like the real thing and I think I found them. They are so soft, light and fluffy. They are pretty flexible without breaking or cracking which I’ve found to be the case with many other gluten-free wraps.  When I took my first bite I was scared to chew.  I thought I made a mistake and misread the package, but no, I triple checked and they are gluten-free. I came across these in Target. Now I might start to sound like a brand snob, but to prove to you that I’m not I checked the web and it looks like Walmart carries these as well.

Just remember, don’t be shy; make friends with people who work at your grocery store. You can always request that they carry a specific product if you notice they don’t have it. Remember to just ask; it’s not going to kill you.

The great thing is you don’t have to go south of the border to try them.  They make me scream ¡Ay, caramba! these are good! I guess till next post that’s a wrap.

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