Next recommendation is for you to go out and look for these suckers. Boy are these good! Buttery cracker taste with a creamy cheddar cheese center.

The only thing that was a sticking point for me is that they were labeled as a GMO. Now I don’t know if you are aware of what a GMO is, but it’s a Genetically Modified Organism.

Believe it our not I’m still getting my information from Bill Nye the science guy. His show is on Netflix now and I’m obsessed. I’ve changed my perspective on GMOs a little. I think there is a lot of fear about Genetically Modified Organisms out there. It seems the general public thinks that plants are drastically being modified on a cellular level which could make them unsafe. I think the biggest concern though is the unknown.

After watching the show I had a little bit more understanding of how crops are being modified. They even had a farmer come onto the show to explain how they modify crops.  They explained how some of their crops were doing so much better than the traditional crops with way less pesticides and everyone knows how bad those can be for the environment; especially when they get into the water.

Long story short, I’m not an expert. Most of the experts are still up in the air since it is such a touchy subject. My opinion is I would say it doesn’t seem like GMOs are unsafe for us according to some of the experts, but if it was me, I would just vary my diet. So I wouldn’t only eat GMOs, I would make sure you switch it up. Variety is the spice of life, and remember if you eat something and it doesn’t agree with you, just stop.

Lance Cheddar Cheese Crackers
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