Lance Cheddar Cheese Crackers

Next recommendation is for you to go out and look for these suckers. Boy are these good! Buttery cracker taste with a creamy cheddar cheese center. The only thing that was a sticking point for me is that the...

Mission Gluten-free Soft Tacos

So, these Mission gluten-free soft tacos are the bomb! I've been waiting for a wrap that really tasted like the real thing and I think I found them. They are so soft, light and fluffy. They are pretty flexible ...


A post just in time for Easter! The best part is Peeps are gluten-free! I think most people have a love-hate relationship with Peeps. You either love them or hate them. How could you go wrong? These soft squish...
Taco Bell Logo

Taco Bell

It looks like they have some breakfast items. Meaning a hash brown and coffee. Not a lot of options to choose from. What really gets me is they list their sauces as being gluten-free. What a joke. Yes, I would ...
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Curate Bars

Curate bars - I give them a pretty positive score overall. Lots to choose from.  Since we’ve rated them as a group they scored pretty high.  Overall it came down to personal preference. If you are a chocolate p...
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Udi’s vs. Rudi’s

What a matchup! These breads have gone head-to-head in one of the biggest gluten free match ups ever.  In the end, taste was the overall deciding factor between these two brands. Udi’s ended up beating out Rudi...
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Tinkyada Brown Rice Pasta

This is one of my favorite gluten-free pastas out there on the market and I highly recommend it. Crazy name and packaging and I’m not sure what the bunnies are doing… Anyway, if you are looking for ...
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Breton Crackers

I’m cracker-lackin no more. These crackers taste like the real thing! Way to go Breton! Taste and texture is dead on. Of course if you do not eat them all at once be sure to seal them up really well. I bought t...

Gluten Free Stromboli

Craving a Stromboli? This easy gluten-free Stromboli recipe is one of my favorites. It tastes like you are cheating on your gluten-free diet.Gluten Free Stromboli - - olive oil, white vinegar, sugar, garlic, i...

LiveGFree Angel Food Cake

One of the best packaged mixes out there. This gluten-free angel cake lives up to its name. It's divinely angelic and the taste and texture is just heavenly. It's so moist. Oh my Ghad, it's so good! It tastes j...